Would You Frame Your Wedding Dress?

Wedding Dress FramesLook at it this way: even the clothes you don’t like get to see the light of day every now and then, even if it’s only on laundry day.  Yet, we’re supposed to keep the wedding dress in the back of the closet for the next 50 years for…what purpose? THE dress.  The one you’ve been designing and revising ever since your first make believe tea party at age 5. You spent hours pouring over magazines, had countless conversations with friends and tried on so many bad dresses in anticipation of this one.  And then you found it, and it was so much more beautiful than you had ever dreamed.  Your mom probably cried.  And on that big day, you looked more beautiful than ever before, and your wedding dress was a big part of that.

So The Dress… it’s supposed to live in a box in the attic just in case? Women choosing to wear  their mother’s wedding dresses is so rare, there aren’t even statistics on it. It’s rare enough that such an event actually shows up in the news. Clearly, chances are rare your little snowflake will want to wear a dress that is 30 or more years out of date. So what to do with a dress that holds tremendous meaning for countless reasons?

You frame your wedding dress, that’s what you do! Maybe it was the number of miles you sweated to fit into that dress, the hours of overtime you worked to pay for it or the look on his face when you appeared at the end of the aisle, but you should be proud of that dress.  If you can display the trophy junior got just for being part of a team, you can find some meaningful place in your home to display your dress. You can even create a themed wall in your home- your wedding dress, kids’  baptism outfits, first day of school clothes, you name it.   Who knows, after an entire childhood spent admiring that beautiful dress on the wall, perhaps your daughter will want to wear it after all!

And the best part? You can totally DIY.

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