Frame Backings

Rather than using a cardboard frame backing that offers little protection or resistance against moisture, Poster Frame Depot offers acid-free foamcore, as well as corrugated plastic backings to ensure that your framed work has the best protection possible.

Our foamcore backing provides more protection for your photos, posters, and most artwork than a typical cardboard backing can. A lesser quality cardboard backing attracts mold and offers little protection from moisture seeping into your framed art work. Quality foamcore backing consists of a thick inner core of polystyrene, a stiff foam, with protective paper on either side. A corrugated plastic backing is resistant to moisture and most oils or solvents, making it ideal for protection against damp conditions and extreme handling.

When choosing a backing, it is important to consider two things: What is the value of your framed item, and where will you be hanging it?

Cardboard backings are unacceptable when framing anything of value. When framing a valued poster, picture or piece of artwork, acid-free foamcore backings are the material of choice.

If you are planning to hang your frame in a damp place like a basement, corrugated plastic is the best choice for protection from constant moisture and humidity. If your frame will be hanging somewhere more dry, any foamcore backing will offer plenty of protection.

Choices available are:

Acid-Free Foamcore

foamcore acid free
Our acid-free foamcore is a sturdy backing made for framing, that is buffered with an Alkaline chemical, which helps to combat the acids found in most posters or prints. Suggested use is for artwork expected to be framed for upwards of 100 years. Available in sized up to 42x62.

Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is a fluted plastic material used when extreme handling, moisture, constant humidity, or temperature changes are a concern. Our corrugated plastic backings have a smooth finish to them to ensure that your framed work remains flat and dry. Available in sizes up to 42x62.

Please note: Both a Lens Cover and Backing are required to properly use our type of frame.