Lens Covers

Instead of using glass as a Lens Cover in our frames, Poster Frame Depot carries several different plastic brands that have all the benefits of using glass and then some.

Our Lens Covers are UV protected blocking 89% of the UV specturm. Fabrics and paper become brittle, fade in color, or turn yellow all too frequently when exposed to sunlight and even some indoor light sources. This degradation is mainly due to exposure to Ultra Violet waves in not only sunlight but also some indoor fluorescent and halogen light bulbs. The lower wave lengths tend to be the most damaging. UV covers absorb the most damaging of these UV light rays below 380 nm, without sacrificing clarity.

Our current lens covers available for online purchase are Clear Acrylic, Non-Glare Acrylic and Clear Oversize Lens Covers.

Where you are planning to place your frame is the main factor to take in consideration when looking at our selection of lens covers. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of each lens cover.

Clear Acrylic Lens Covers

Clear Acrylic Lens covers offer a similar look to standard glass, in an optical grade. The reflection from light or other objects can be seen, and dust or scratches are much more visible. Available in sizes up to 42" x 62".
lens cover clear

Non-Glare Acrylic Lens Covers

Non-Glare Acrylic Lens covers offer a similar look to Non-Glare glass, in an optical grade. One side of the Non-Glare Acrylic has a frosted/matte finish (which faces outward) to dramatically reduce the amount of reflection, sunlight, or overhead lighting that can be seen when looking at your frame. The Non-Glare finish is also less likely to show scratches or dust. However, the depth of the color and image quality is reduced by an estimated 5%. Our Non-Glare Acrylic Lens Cover should NOT be used within Shadow Box style frames or when there is a significant distance in between the Cover and Print, as there may be an additional loss of image quality. Available in sizes up to 42" x 62".
non-glare lens cover plexiglass

Clear (Oversize)

Our oversize Clear Lens Covers offer a look similar to glass, in an optical grade. They are UV protected and stable, while remaining virtually unbreakable and flexible enough to ship as lightweight plastic. Similar to Glass and other Clear Plastics, Clear will have a reflection from light and other objects. The Clear Lens Cover is flexible and used for shipping oversized metal frames in a tall vertical box. Available in sizes up to 42" x 62" for aluminum frames (not available for Wood style frames).

non-glare lens cover plexiglass

Protective Film

For added protection during shipping, all lens covers come with a protective film on both sides that helps protect the material during shipping and handling. All of our lens covers are 100% Made in the USA.

* Additional lens covers such as clear and non-glare styrene, PETG and a UV PET, are available to bulk commercial customers. (Email inquiries only.)

* Some products are subject to change due to availability. In the unlikely event that a product is not available within our large inventory of materials, substitutions of equal or greater value may be necessary.

* Please note: Both a Lens Cover and Backing are required to properly use our type of frame.