Keyword Glossary

Aluminum extrusions are formed by forcing or squeezing molten aluminum through a die at a very high pressure and temperature, known in the industry as extruding.
Anodizing is the process of sending an electrical current through aluminum to permanently adhere a hard topcoat to aluminum.
This wood-like material is made of wood fibre and resin-glue. It is sturdy and dense, ideal for frame mouldings. Because MDF does not contain knots or rings, it is ideal for uniform cuts for frames. The wood styles on the MDF profiles are a high quality decorative veneer.
A backing which is resistant to moisture and most oils or solvents, making it ideal for protection against damp conditions and extreme handling.
A backing which consists of a thick inner core of polystyrene, a stiff foam, with protective paper on either side
Instead of using glass inserts in our frames, we use plastic lens covers.

Our Materials

All of our materials for our frames and accessories are 100% made in the USA. We manufacture each frame to order in our 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Derby, CT, to bring you only the highest quality framing materials

Frame Profiles carries in excess of 500,000 feet of the most popular frame molding styles and finishes which are in stock at all times. As with all our framing materials, both the aluminum and wood MDF profiles we use are 100% Made in the USA.

Aluminum frame profiles are made using a process called Aluminum Extrusion. The extruded profiles are anodized to increase the metal's durability, color stability, ease of maintenance, and appearance before being cut individually per order.

Wood MDF frame profiles are made out of Medium-density Fiberboard (MDF). This wood-like material is sturdy and dense, ideal for frame mouldings. The designs and colors on the Wood MDF frames are a decorative veneer.

Every frame that we manufacture takes a great amount of detail and care - each of the four frame pieces that create the outer part of a frame are individually cut per order, to exact specifications using a computerized saw, from one or multiple lengths of a specific profile extrusion. To see the popular styles that are always in stock, view our profiles, where you can also find a description of what frame profile will fit your needs best.

Lens Covers

Purchasing trailer loads of lens covers gives us the ability to sell quality protection for your framed pictures and posters at a reasonable cost. We offer our customers Framing Grade Plastic Lens Covers. Clarity, Strength and Affordability are very important when selecting a proper lens cover for a poster frame.

When comparing to standard glass, Plastic Lens Covers such as Acrylic are 10 to 20 times more resistant to impact, half the weight, easier to handle, economical to ship, and a much safer alternative. As an added bonus, our Lens Covers have exceptional optical quality. The lens covers offer properties that traditional glass simply cannot measure up to. Each of our lens covers are lightweight and easy to clean. Our current lens covers available for online purchase are Clear Acrylic, Non-Glare Acrylic and Clear Oversize Lens Covers. Additional lens covers such as clear and non-glare styrene, PETG and a UV PET, are available to bulk commercial customers, through email inquiries only. Lens Cover details are available here.

Our lens covers are 100% Made in the USA.

Frame Backings

Rather than using a cardboard frame backing that offers little protection or resistance against moisture, Poster Frame Depot offers three different variations of foamcore frame backings, as well as a corrugated plastic backing to ensure that your framed work has the best protection possible.

Our foamcore backing provides more protection for your photos, posters, and most artwork than a typical cardboard backing can. A cardboard backing attracts mold and offers little protection from moisture seeping into your framed art work. Foamcore backing consists of a thick inner core of polystyrene, a stiff foam, with protective paper on either side. A corrugated plastic backing is resistant to moisture and most oils or solvents, making it ideal for protection against damp conditions and extreme handling.

We carry in excess of 10,000 backings at any given time, ranging in different sizes, thicknesses and types. All of our backings come from premier manufacturers of foam board products for signage, display and graphics. Each one is made in the USA and designed specially to fit your frame. The backing choices we offer at this time are: Foamcore, Acid Free Foamcore, Black Foamcore, and Corrugated Plastic. To see which backings are available and would best suit your framing needs, view our backings.

Hardware and Accessories

Quality frame hardware and accessories are just as important to a frame as any other material. We purchase and stock millions of frame hardware and accessory pieces, which helps bring our costs down so we can sell frames to you at a reasonable and affordable price.

Framers Brand™ Quality Hardware, as well as additional innovative accessories from other leaders in the framing industry, have found a home here at For a list of our available accessories, please visit our accessories page.

Packing and Shipping

Packaging and Shipping Materials are often forgotten about when a consumer makes a purchase. We have invested our time and experience to ensure the safest and most durable way of getting our products to you safely. From the specially designed boxes used, to the inner packaging materials, uses only the best because that is what our customers deserve.

We are continually adding many exciting features to our frames by expanding our selection of materials. Check back with us often to see our newest products and specials.