Tall Box Shipping

We offer the choice to ship oversized frames in a tall box unassembled, to save you from paying extra shipping fees. We strive to pass the savings along to our customers — these innovative boxes greatly reduce the cost of shipping with a rolled Clear Lens Cover and scored Backing. (See instructions below for unpacking.)

When you choose to have your frame shipped in the Tall Box, your order will automatically have the Clear Oversize Lens Cover substituted for the Acrylic Cover or Non-Glare Acrylic Cover. The Clear Oversize Lens Cover is flexible enough for shipping within a cardboard tube, then rolls flat for assembly. Clear Oversize Lens Covers offer a similar look to standard glass, in a high performance optical grade. It is UV protected, durable, yet virtually unbreakable and flexible enough to ship as lightweight plastic. Our standard foam board is scored to reduce size, but will lay flat when installed within the frame.

The tall box only applies to metal frames because wood frames are not available as a frame kit.

oversize tall box